Collin teaches about PC's Collin and Dave show the kids a thing or 10 Dave teaches cyber security

Kevin shows off a custom PC Miriah teaches about woman and the industry Windowed Hard Drive



Solid fuel launch Miriah discusses thrust to weight ratios Kayla helps a Scouts refill their water powered vehicles

James makes sure things run on schedule Water powered cars for the younger Scouts Water powered cars in action

Annual BBQ


Water rocket delivery method Close up! Too Much Pressure?

Bill Sets Up Its away! Clean launch!

Collin take a shot It looks good! A clean landing on target!

Kevin takes a shot MG sets up! MG ends up totally soaked!

Fund Raiser Fliers


1999 Flier 2001 Flier 2002 Flier

2003 Flier 2004 Flier 2005 Flier

2005 Flier 2007 Flier 1 2007 Flier 2

2008 Flier 2011 Flier 2012 Flier

2013 Flier 2014 Flier Our Logo in Tape!

Fund Raising Setup


The DJ gets ready Getting the dance lights ready More lights

Ready to set the tables A couple of our special drinks Time for tacos!

Resting before the fun Keep it fun! Load it up!